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Company Leadership

GroceryBit’s team is a growing global network of talented entrepreneurs. The initial leadership team is led by President Jason Olson and Inventor Frederick Weih. The combined experience between these two leaders is over 50 years. Look for additional entrepreneurs to be added to the leadership team as the company brings GroceryBit to the world in 2018.



Frederick Weih

Frederick Weih

Grocery Industry Disrupter, Futurist & Inventor

Frederick is a recognized pioneer and disrupter in the grocery industry. There is no other person that has more experience in developing innovative models for consumers to purchase groceries and other various discount programs. Today, his new venture GroceryBit is the pinnacle of his life's work.
1980-s to Present
  • Invented Harvest America- First National Grocery Delivery System to Consumers – New York
  • Invented First “Free Shipping” Direct to Consumer Grocery Model – New York
  • Invented The Grocery Club- First full “single pick “warehousing system – Scottsdale Arizona
  • Invented Celestial Harvest- First Natural & Organic Food Direct To Consumer Model
  • Invented Patent Pending Technology that lowers the cost of Groceries using a smart phone App


Today, he is working on disruptive Pivotal Blockchain Technology or PBT to lower the cost of food, fuel and restaurant purchases worldwide.

“Using PBT, every consumer, any supermarket, anywhere in the world will be connected. Combining free enterprise principles with Pivotal Blockchain Technology, the result will lower the cost of groceries world-wide for consumers who become Grocery Miners. PVT will also create wealth for BitBuilder’s worldwide. Using Bitcoin as the universal currency, eliminates issues with hundreds of local currencies.”

Fred was instrumental in creating one of the top fastest growing companies in Direct to Consumer history, with sales reaching $100 million in just 24 months with a distributor base also increasing from a 1000 to over 350,000 in that same period.

First Serve, then Serve Others!

Mr. Weih served his country as a musician in the prestigious West Point Band. During his time at the Academy, he performed for Presidents and world dignitaries including performing at President Ronald Regan's inauguration, several World Series Games and a soloist at Carnegie Hall.


Jason Olson

Jason Olson


Mr. Olson’s career started in the adventurous private jet Industry. After several years working in the corporate world, he got the entrepreneurial bite and discovered a fulfilling career in Direct Selling. His business philosophy reflects his strong belief that time and financial freedom thru entrepreneurship is attainable for those willing to put in the effort.
Mr. Olson quickly reached many milestones in direct selling, quickly rising to the top and achieved #1 with a direct selling energy giant. Mr. Olson directs the important functions that support the BitBuilder Field. Developing Leadership, Training and Compliance are the lifeblood of any direct selling sales force. The life of an entrepreneur isn't always "easy", but definitely "worth it". When not working, Jason enjoys athletic adventures in the mountains - skiing, hiking, etc.

Steve is also well known in the industry for being a professional conference call speaker and presenter for numerous companies.

Steve is very passionate about entrepreneurship and helping people reach their goals. He enjoys basketball, golf, skiing, watching movies, and traveling as his hobbies. He has a family that includes his wife Tami and six children Michael, Josh, Justin, Jon, Zach, and Alex.