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Any supermarket, any location, anywhere in the world!

Grocery Miners are people just like you! Consumers worldwide who want to save more and go beyond just using grocery coupons and store discount cards. Grocery Miners are retail Subscribers that use their smart phone to snap a picture of their regular grocery shopping receipt, enter some basic information then send it off to GroceryBit who mines the massive grocery data so you don't have to. GroceryBit uses its Technology to monetize the data stream into Bitcoin Rewards back to you, our Grocery Miners worldwide.


No change of habit, ever!

Any supermarket, any location, anywhere in the world! Just become a Grocery Miner Subscriber for just $40 month and receive up to $200 in Bitcoin Rewards every month!
Grocery Miners can receive up to 10% in Bitcoin Rewards each month from their grocery, restaurant and gasoline purchasing data.




Snap a Picture of a Receipt- We Mine the Data!