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Pivotal Blockchain Technology

GroceryBit is disrupting the entire worldwide Grocery Industry by deploying Pivotal Blockchain Technology. It’s all possible because of this exciting, powerful visionary Patent Pending inventions by our founder, Frederick Weih.
Ask yourself, how can we make the worlds Grocery Industry more efficient, productive and connected to grocery shoppers on a global level? One where Grocery Miners and BitBuilder’s take the front seat in leading this massive shift into the future.
Pivotal Blockchain Technology or PBT, connects people and process like never before. Consumers for the first time are driving the food industry from the consumer up. We have turned the entire food industry on its head and that's a good thing. GroceryBit is pure Free Enterprise, using the Blockchain to improve the quality of life for everyone.



Pivotal Blockchain

What Is Blockchain?

Many of you have heard about Blockchain, but don't understand what it is or what it can do? GroceryBit is designed for the average person who just wants to save some money on their grocery, restaurant and gas purchases. Others want to build a business with our BitBuilder Program.
Blockchain has no central computer system, no centralized location, it cannot be turned off or stopped.
Bitcoin is one of many currencies that run on Blockchain. Bitcoin is the oldest and most stable and reliable form of electronic currencies in the market today. It can be converted to Fiat Currency such as the US Dollar with minor effort.