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Inventing the Future by Changing Today

Disruptive technology just doesn’t happen. In many cases, century old markets like grocery shopping combine with something so futuristic it disrupts an entire industry, it’s called BitBuilding. BitBuilders are Independent Business Owners (IBO) who seize the opportunity to build a fast-moving, residual-based business. BitBuilders enroll Grocery Miners who scan their supermarket, restaurant and gas receipts through our innovative App. The data is monetized through GroceryBit and Bitcoin is awarded back to the Grocery Miner.
BitBuilders create income by enrolling Grocery Miners who subscribe to use the technology to save money. The world is “Social”, we are interconnected with thousands and millions of people. Through our limited licensing program, BitBuilders can grow a natural social network and receive overrides on Grocery Miner’s subscriptions and additional revenue through their BitBuilder social network.


Bit Builder

Benefits of the BitBuilder Opportunity

  • Virtual - Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
  • Perfect Home-Based Business
  • Fast Moving - Financial Rewards Quickly
  • Minimal Cost to Get Started
  • Exclusive Technology